Maintenance Contracts

We carry out modular preventive maintenance, enabling you to guarantee the efficiency of on-board equipment for the purpose of mandatory annual surveys, and can also provide full-maintenance bridge contracts.

Here at generalmarine, we aim to bring about a new industry standard by introducing innovative modern strategies based on in-depth support of ship owners and maximum flexibility when it comes to their needs.

Accounting Authority AAIC IUO6

We are authorized to exercise the functions of Account Authority (AAIC) ‘IUO6’, offering ship owners and shipping companies across the entire Italian and International Commercial Fleet all the services determined by the regulations. These include:

  • The complete management of the radio stations and accessories that form part of the mandatory equipment determined by the regulations.
  • SBM (Shore Based Maintenance) services as detailed in SOLAS Convention 74 (88) chapter IV/15.
  • The management of all traffic/airtime requirements related to satellite communications.