The future of satellite communications is today

If you’re in the market for the most reliable, cost-effective long-term antenna solution, look no further than the new SAILOR XTR™ system

The new SAILOR XTR™ is fully prepared for LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO satellite networks. It’s also ready to handle MQTT, SNMP and RESTful API IoT protocols. Get a hassle-free, quick rollout and operation using innovative features like a real one-cable solution that connects the antenna to below deck and a unique XTR™ Installation Wizard.

SAILOR XTR- The Future of Satellite


Product Sheet

One antenna platform for the future

Rapid deployment technology with a true one-cable solution and software-enabled functions replace mechanical intervention during installation and operation

Best-in-class RF performance ensures that customers get the most out of their VSAT subscription

Built-in flexibility ready for future satellite networks

Dual antenna operation for reliable automatic switching between two antennas

New secure software platform reduces risk of hacking

New pedestal design simplicity improves mechanical performance

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