Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create a work environment that is based on focusing on our clients’ wants and needs and caring for our employees. Inside our organization, we support one another and work as one team, thereby creating an inspiring and motivating business environment in which all can enjoy working and learning.

Our vision is to implement a new industry standard by introducing innovative modern strategies based on in-depth customer support and maximum flexibility. We envision expanding globally making sure the maritime industry is well connected and enhanced.


  • Marine Navigation & Radio Communications
  • Gyro & Magnetic Compasses, Autopilot & Steering Systems
  • Satellite Communication, Airtime Packages
  • Shore-Based Maintenance – GMDSS-Compliant SBM Agreements


  • On-Board Maritime Servicing
  • Worldwide Service Coordination
  • Maritime Electronics Sales
  • Engineering
  • Retrofitting
  • New Building/Installation from Scratch


Our operatives provide marine electronics services of unrivalled quality all over the world.


We believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards, and as such, invest a lot in certification. We are approved by the major class suppliers, and are also ISO 9001 certified. Our aim is to provide a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly service that benefits the entire global maritime industry.


We aim to become the most competitive and professional provider of marine electronics solutions anywhere in the world.

Customer Care

We provide an outstanding customer experience, delivering equipment and 24/7 servicing around the world. We are experts in the markets we serve, making us an indispensable link between manufacturers and customers.